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Help be get published and vote for The Revisionists

I have just finished the first draft of my first technothriller, called The Revisionists. While I have sent it to Beta Readers and the novel needs editing, it turns out there is a site known as Inkitt where you can submit your first draft and if people vote for it because they like it - a writer like myself can win a publishing contract.

So - ever wanted to read the raw first draft of one of my novels? Totally FREE and online! It is free to read and free to vote, you just have to go out there and decide if the story seems good enough that you think I should win a publishing deal where professional editors will help me polish the story and then a publisher will bring this story to you.

Click HERE to vote for The Revisionists, the cover is below and the synopsis is there, too!

Tell a friend, share on social media and help me get votes!


They were friends in college. Now, they have been brought back together by the most powerful man in the world - to alter reality. To change history. The technology has been created. It works, but what will that do to the future? What will it do to them?

What would you change? What would it do to the world?

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