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Welcome to the doorway to my bookstore. I am the author of more than 30 books of fiction and non-fiction. Thrillers, horror tales, short story collections, suspense, mysteries, detective novels are all available in ebook and print formats below. I also have numerous titles available as audiobooks at Amazon, Audible and on iTunes. For you non-fiction fans. I am the author of true crime and historical books that look at everything from disasters, murder mayhem and even haunted houses.

Click on the doorway below and be taken to my bookstore for all of my titles and books. Enjoy!

An image link to author Bryan Alaspa's books at Amazon

Chicago Based Author Bryan Alaspa

If you are curious about who Bryan Alaspa is, let me tell you about myself. I am a Chicago native and still live in the city. I have been writing and dedicating myself to being an author since I was in the third grade and attempted to write my first short story. I make my living writing these days, after years pursuing other careers. I write SEO and website content and am an SEO specialist, but love writing horror thriller books and novels. I also write adventure novels for young adults, as well as mysteries, detective novels, book series, suspense and more. 


I sell my books mostly through Amazon and publish my horror books through my own publishing house Guffawing Dog Publishing. I am an indie author who has been writing, editing, publishing and marketing my own books for years now. I have learned how to format books for Kindle, create print editions and have worked with great voice talent for audiobooks.

I also work with small press publishers for both my fiction and non-fiction books. I am an advocate for authors who want to get into self-publishing or finding ways to get their work out there. 

You can find my books, Kindle books, print books and audiobooks at Amazon and you can link to my Amazon author page above. Check out my books and leave reviews to help me!

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