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SEO and Freelance Writer

My name is Bryan W. Alaspa and for more than 10 years I have been an SEO writer and SEO content specialist. I have worked for PR and marketing firms where I became an SEO expert, blogger consultant and social media specialist.

I started doing this on a freelance or contract basis back in 2006. I quite enjoy working for a large number of companies because I love learning about new things and enjoy creating website content that really helps businesses get hits and show up in search engine searches.

I work with SEO analytics and SEO tools to create plans that help find keywords and keyword phrases for companies to use within their websites and blogs. I have even helped create website content that is CRO optimized so that they generate sales leads. My blog articles have generated hundreds of thousands of viewers and hundreds of sales leads.

I have worked directly with companies, but also worked via web developers to create SEO content, blog articles, press releases and social media content to generate hits.

​​If you are a web developer or company, you can hire me, too. My rates are negotiable, so just contact me and we can discuss them.

Book a virtual meeting with me about what your business needs as far as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, etc. Click HERE.


You can see my resume/profile HERE.


You can see my portfolio of work HERE.

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