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Privacy Policy

The author makes no attempt to gather data from the visitors to this website. As of May 24, 2018, the author is no longer gathering data for the newsletter. There is no more form to fill out in order to reach the author and no RSS feed to subscribe to for the blog.

Although no personal data such as names, phone numbers or addresses are collected by the author, analytics data is tracked on this website. This data is information such as general location of the visitor (by country), time spent on the site, which pages are visited, etc. This is an automatic thing collected by the website platform - Wix. No information is collected or stored that provides addresses, phone numbers or names.

If you wish to reach the author, the best way is via the social media platforms of Twitter or Facebook. Both of those platforms have direct message and private message methods of reaching the author and he usually responds very quickly. 

If you wish you stay up to date on new releases and information, check Twitter and Facebook, but come back to the blog and website home page for the latest information. The author also has a page dedicated to his work on Amazon. 

If you feel that any data has been collected, reach out to the author via the platforms listed above and let him know and he will attempt remove that data if at all possible.

The author is not responsible for third party websites linked to at this website such as the pages where his books are sold. If you have issues with data collected there, reach out to those websites via whatever methods they have made available to them.

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