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About Chicago Thriller Author Bryan W. Alaspa

Hello!  Welcome to my author website and author blog.  My name is Bryan W. Alaspa and I am a freelance writer and professional author of both fiction and non-fiction. I am a writer of thrillers, suspense, horror and detective novels. I am also a writer of non-fiction books and ebooks and my obsession with true crime I have become a true crime author. I am a Chicago-based author and have lived here my entire life except for attending college and then living in St. Louis for three years after that. 

I have been writing my stories and books obsessively since I sat down at my mom's electric typewriter in the third grade and typed out a three-page, single-paragraph story that ripped off the movie JAWS. The act of creating characters and a story was so fascinating and it was like a drug to me. I like writing about dark stuff and I am obsessed with horror fiction and thriller books, too. I have been reading true crime for years, too, and love reading that and listening to true crime podcasts.

I ventured into self-publishing in 1998 and then jumped on to publishing my books myself for Kindle in the early 2000s. Since then I have continued to write horror, thrillers, suspense and young adult series and publishing them myself under the Guffawing Dog publishing label. I also work with small press publishers to publish books about haunted houses, true crime, disasters, murder and more. I love researching and writing about unsolved murders and mysteries, too. 

I love to support other authors and really love helping out fellow independent authors and self-published authors. If you are a self-published or independent author, feel free to reach out to me and ask about guest blogging. I love being part of blog tours, too.


I write a lot of freelance articles as well. I am also a blogger and have been for some time. I intend to use this blog to talk about my upcoming books as well as various author events I am involved in.  Check back often and PLEASE, leave comments!

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