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A meteor shower lights up the skies over the entire planet. To the surprise of thousands, meteors fall to the ground outside major cities all over the globe. Ben Sanders is part of a group of scientists sent to explore the strange phenomenon surrounding these meteor strikes. Reports of bizarre illnesses, dazzling, but dangerous, plant life and more. Ben heads to Mountainvew Colorado where meteors have hit the Dashiell farm. Teamed up with the town doctor, he begins to suspect something terrible has fallen from the skies. Something alien, malevolent. If it's happened here, then what about the rest of the world? How long before there's no world left? Can Ben and Dr. Grossman find out what the mysterious meteors have brought? Can they stop the growing threat to all of humanity? Ovule is a horrifying podcast novel from the author of The Man From Taured, Storyland, RIG, Sapphire and When the Night Comes Out.

Available at Spotify, Pocketcast and Apple Podcasts. 

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