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Word of mouth: How you can help me with Storyland

The fact is that the publishing world has changed. You can debate until the end of time if it's changed for the better or worse. I think it's changed for the better. I like the vast expanse of authors and works of fiction that I might not have had access to in the pre-Kindle world.

I can go on and on about how I was there trying to push the idea of self-publishing before there was a Kindle, but even I can't inflate my ego that large. People have been self-publishing for centuries. I never sold much until the Kindle came along.

Here's the thing about this new world, though. In this new world, however, not only are there more opportunities for authors, it means you need to be a more active reader. If you do happen to find an indie-published guy like myself or one of my indie published friends, you can now take a very active role in helping make their works a hit. The more you do that, the harder you help campaign for your favorite indie writer, the more they can sell, the higher Amazon ranks their work and the more money they make in royalties. If a guy like me can make enough - well, I could just write stuff all the time and keep you constantly entertained.

So - that is known as Word of Mouth. Of course, you've heard of this term before it's been around probably as long as people have been self-publishing. It means you are the marketer. You become the commercial. You tell a friend and that friend tells a friend and then it becomes like that shampoo commercial from the 70s and 80s where it goes "and so on, and so on, and so on."

There have been some books that have achieved that success. It has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I guess I don't write enough about zombies, sparkly vampires and BDSM. I prefer writing about other things that stimulate my mind.

Amazon is the dominant force in publishing. They have their own publishing lines, too. They have algorithms that promote things to people. If you've been out there and shopped (is there anyone who hasn't yet?), you know that Amazon recommends things based on your shopping. It's a tad creepy. It's like the damn thing is reading your mind.

For guys like me, the more people in the Kindle Unlimited program download the story, buy the story, review the story and share the story, the more they promote it to people when they go searching. The more faces and eyes the story gets in front of, the more potential you get for purchasing.

I leave it to you to decide if that's good or bad. It is what it is.

So - that means, if you like one of my books, novels or stories, you can help make them a big hit. You can leave a review. You can share the story on Goodreads or recommend it to a friend. You can share the page on your social media platforms.

All this is to tell you that I need your help with my new psychological thriller book Storyland. I know that some of you got print copies and have read the excerpt, you can find on this website. That means, if you share the blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms that you are on, you can help.

Basically, this is a plea to you to get active with me on this one. I think Storyland is a psychological thriller book/novel that people will enjoy. It has a nice twist, but it delves into some dark and gruesome places. In fact, it appears that this one is too dark and disturbing for traditional publishers and agents.

That means, I need your help. I need you, yes, to pre-order the book in print or Kindle (just follow the thinks in this post). I also need you to share the Amazon page via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Lend the print copy to people. Leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Talk about it.


If I can make this a success, it will lead to more. If I get more success, I can focus on just writing my works of fiction. That will then be how I thank you back for helping me with Storyland. If you really do like the novel, find it compelling and a bit frightening, help me spread the word and I will return the favor by writing you more compelling fiction.


I appreciate how far you've come with me in this journey. You've been fantastic so far, but I think Storyland can really be a game-changer. If you can help, I will be forever grateful.



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