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New Release: The Revisionists - Out Today!

At long last my new novel - The Revisionists - is here! No more pre-ordering. It's really here and ready for you to read if are the type who prefers to buy things they day they come out. My first real techno-thriller is out today. Click on the link above of the image below to get a copy in print/paperback or Kindle/ebook edition at Amazon. The official book description is below. Share with a friend! Spread the word!


Cal Trove is one of the most powerful men on the planet. He runs the most successful technology company every built. Everyone owns a Trove phone, laptop or some other Trove technology component. Now, Trove has invited his old college friends to his Island home base to talk to them about a new piece of technology. Something which will change things.

Really change things.

It's called Revision and soon the true scope of what this technology can do becomes evident. Then problems arise. Revision can change reality itself, alter history, tap into the collective conscious and unconscious to change human minds. It’s the most powerful tool anyone has invented.

And Cal Trove seems more than a little unstable.

As his friends work to find good uses for Revision, Cal's instability grows. Dark secrets from the past bubble to the surface.

If you had the power to alter history, change the past, reshape reality, what would you change first? What would the consequences of such an action be for the rest of the world?

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