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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

COMING SOON: A Horrifying Short Story

I am announcing a new terrifying short story and it will be coming soon. I am proud to announce that while you wait for some new novels to come your way to scare the heck out of you (keep your eyes open for those Halloween releases) I have an historical thriller horror short story getting ready to drop for Kindle and Kindle Apps. THE U BOAT will be available for 99 cents and is in editing right now. The story will be up on the Kindle platform for 99 cents soon!

THE U BOAT tells the story of the early days of World War I when U-42 rolls off the line, having already killed several workers while it was under construction. Now it's in the ocean, with a full crew, and it hungers. It also may never die. It's terror that lurks beneath the waves.

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