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Slender Man in Print - Pre-Order Rotate the Earth 2

Two big announcements!

My 5-star reviewed horror novella Strange Fruit and the Slender Man is now, at long last, available to everyone who doesn't have a Kindle and loves to hold an actual book in their hands. That's right, they mystery, suspense and terror can be yours in PRINT! It's even less than $10 and that is just something you can't beat with a stick.

Strange Fruit and the Slender Man takes a modern monster and transports him back to the 50s. When two sisters go missing, two Chicago police detectives are charged with finding them - dead or alive. Instead, they end up propelled down a nightmare road where a legendary monster as old as time itself may drive them insane - or to kill.

Called "Genuinely Terrifying" and "spooky" this is the first time the tale has been available in print!

Also! The long wait for the 2nd novel in the Rotate the Earth trilogy is nearly over! That's right, the epic post-apocalyptic story of The Race and the world that has been left behind continues with Rotate the Earth: Book Two: The Startling Line. You can pre-order the Kindle edition for just 99 cents and the book itself will publish right on Halloween 2016 (that's October 31). I always try to provide you with a Halloween treat and this is it for this year!

The second book is action-packed and brings back all of our Drivers from the first novel as they reach the Parting Point and start the deadliest Race in history. Will their fellow Drivers kill them or will the horrors that lurk in the Territories do it first? Order your Kindle edition today (print to come later)!

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