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The Lord of Winter Is Finally HERE!

Today is the day! It is finally here! The Lord of Winter: Elementals Part Two is finally here and ready for your greedy little hands. It is available in print and ebook formats so you have no excuse not to be reading this one.

Here's the synopsis:

Robin Frost is an air Elemental. He can cause the air temperature to drop, form ice, snow and freeze people, buildings, entire cities. The problem is that, as a teenager, he was injured in an accident, so the part of his brain that allows him to control these abilities has been destroyed. Now, as he gets older, his power grows, but his control lessens. After an incident in a parking lot, the entire city of Miami is threatened. Christopher Farraday and Katie Albright have spent the time since the mountain fell honing her abilities. More powerful than before, Katie can now control the earth’s magnetic field. Still running from the horrors of the Organization and Johann Apasilic, they head to Miami to help Robin. Of course, nothing can ever go smoothly. Robin is pursued by a drug cartel, Mr. Apples and a world that thinks Elementals are evil and all of them come together in one city that is nearly destroyed by their presence. Mr. Apples, meanwhile, is making his own plans, creating an army of super-charged Elementals. He is pushing the world closer to war between human and Elemental kind. With the lives of millions in the balance. Can the world survive the coming conflict? The latest epic chapter in the Elementals series will leave you breathless and waiting for more.

Get the print edition here:

Kindle US edition:

Kindle UK edition:

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