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The Lord of Winter is Almost Here!

March 8 is the day. The second novel in my Elementals series, The Lord of Winter is almost here. You can still pre-order it for your Kindle for just 99 cents right up until March 8 comes. At that point, the price will go up.

You can also order it in print. Sorry, hard to cut deals on the print edition because they are expensive for me to produce on my own.

This story continues the tale first told in The Lightning Weaver. It continues the tale of the offshoot of humanity known as Elementals and how the war between them and humanity is fast approaching. It is a young adult adventure series, but I know that you adults out there will like it, too.

After The Lord of Winter will be the third novel The Water Witch, probably out in 2017. Then The Fire Drake will finish things off nicely, perhaps in 2018.

So, pre-order for a low, low price while you can! Get it delivered right to your Kindle or Kindle App on March 8!


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