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The COVID Thanksgiving

So, things were already pretty mute and sedate here at the Alaspa household for Thanksgiving. It was just going to be a holiday with my wife and two dogs. Nothing special or too fancy.

Then, on Monday, I tested positive for COVID. After nearly three years of running and dodging, somehow, the damn virus just got to me and got to me this week. Man, I haven't even had a cold since January of 2020, and now here I was with the worst thing possible.

So, yeah, I do hope you are able to enjoy this holiday with the ones you love and can be close to them. I am quarantined in a bedroom and have to wear a mask and gloves anytime I leave while my wife sits in the other part of the house watching movies. Not exactly the home-for-the-holidays vibe we were going for.

In the end, things are going okay. I had a rough day Monday and a rougher day Tuesday. Bad cough, stuffy head and that COVID-brain thing is real. I felt like a zombie most days. Now, a few days later, I mostly feel like I have a head cold. Stuffy nose, clogged head, lots of blowing my nose, sneezing and that cough likes to come back with a vengeance from time to time. I also don't have a ton of energy and want to sleep all the time. I am glad I am vaxxed and boosted. I would rather have an annoying cold and be quarantined than in the hospital with a ventilator hooked up to my face.

Anyway, our holiday plans have gone a little bit awry, you could say. So much for all of the cleaning around the house and other things we wanted to get done. Instead, I sit in a bedroom, and can't even play with my dogs.

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for listening to the podcast and thanks for reading my stuff.


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