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Today is finally the day - publication date for my crime thriller Black River for Kindle & in print. Of course, when I planned for this to come out today, I had no idea we'd all be locked down and in the middle of a global pandemic, but here we are.

I have dabbled with mysteries and suspense and come close to writing crime thrillers before, but this is my first novel with outright bad guys as the main character. Plus, for any of you who have followed my career and heard about what the early influences on my writing were, you'll get an idea of what I mean about the shocking twist at the end.

Here's what Black River is about:


The small town of Elgar, IL, is long forgotten. A town constantly on the brink of war, dominated by two powerful criminal organizations. Not far from St. Louis, set across a tributary of the Mississippi River, the town is hoping a new company looking to bring business to the region can save it from total ruin. Then, the fragile peace between the two gangs is threatened with a young boy disappears in the middle of the night.

Now, the police chief, who has never had to actually do policework, has to scramble to find out what happened. Who took him? Is he alive? Did one of the gangs finally go too far and kill an innocent? Will he be able to find out what happened before the two sides go into all out war, destroying the town and ruining the chance for any sort of economic redemption.

When the answer comes, it will shock everyone.

A crime novel with a sudden, deadly twist from thriller author Bryan W. Alaspa (author of The Man From Taured, Rig, Sapphire and the Deklan Falls series) is unlike anything he’s written before. Combining elements of mystery, thriller and crime comes a shocking tale of murder, deception, crime and redemption.

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