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My New Horror Novel is Coming August 18 - Preorder Now!

My new novel is called DEVOURED and it was a joy to write. I got to destroy downtown St. Louis and how can you not sort of love destroying a large city in fiction? It is the ONLY way cities should be destroyed - in fiction.

This novel is also a nod to my love of JAWS, the novel and movie that got me to love horror and even consider the idea of being a writer. Basically, some of the tropes JAWS created are in here, too. Finally, while writing this one, I started adding weird, dark moments of humor and so far preview audiences have all laughed at the parts I hoped they would. So, if you have a dark sense of humor, I hope you love this one, too.

It is my first (hopefully of man) novel with Wicked House Publishing and they have just been terrific. The editors, the proofreaders, the cover designers are all amazing. In fact, a kind of horror community has popped up around us authors and fans, and it's just been a blast.

The book us due August 18. You can pre-order the Kindle edition now! Spread the word, help me get the word out and order! More info is below.

Despite his city being torn apart by riots and unrest, the St. Louis mayor has decreed that the beloved Fourth of July festival WILL go on as planned. This leaves public safety manager Logan Field at his wits’ end. How can he protect the city’s residents and his own job, especially in the light of a deadly attack in Chicago, a vanished local boy, and a series of disturbing occurrences that are drawing closer and closer together? City-wide panic brews – something is horribly wrong.

Desperate for help, Logan turns to a struggling hunter and they link up with a professor who believes he just might know the cause of the incidents: an ancient evil, dormant for centuries, now awakened. There is no time to waste as the trio races to find to confirm their fear and discover how to face it down – because an entire city and its millions of lives hangs in the balance.

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Carol Gillespie
Carol Gillespie
20 Ιουλ 2023

Bryan, is this available in hard cover? My Kindle died- RIP!

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