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Merry Christmas: Read an excerpt from Hellhound!

Merry Christmas everyone. Happy holidays for those who do not do the whole Christmas thing. I do hope you and your family have a happy and safe holiday season. Thank you for buying my books (particularly you fans of The Man From Taured).. I wish I had a third Elementals book for you, but that book remains a very difficult one for me to finish. Turns out writing a four novel series is a challenge...who knew? (ahem ... everyone)

All that said, I do happen to have a new book out this Christmas. It's set in the horrors of World War One and it's called Hellhound! That makes 5 works of novel (or short novel) length published this year. Plus four short stories. Whew... Been a lot of work.

I hope you'll read the excerpt of Hellhound linked below. Check it out. Tell a friend and thanks again for a great year. I already have releases planned for 2020 and I REALLY hope I can get to The Water Witch, too.

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