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The Wraith - available for pre-order: companion novel to The Man From Taured

Proud to announce that you can now pre-order my new novel The Wraith from Amazon. Coming this July, The Wraith is a companion novel to the bestselling The Man From Taured. It is not a sequel, but deals with alternate realities and features the Agents of IDEA first appearing in TMFT. Some of your favorite characters from that novel show up here again. The Wraith is also set in my fictional town of Knorr, which has been the site of other novels like The Dead Phone and Sapphire.

Click HERE or on the image below to pre-order your copy today!


The tiny town of Knorr, PA, is one of those places where the walls between this reality and others is very thin. It draws people from all over the world and sometimes things slip through from our world into others while sometimes things slip from other worlds into our own. Nightmare things. During World War II an experiment was done using a steam engine to see if entering another dimension could create instant transportation of goods and men from one place to another. It unlocked a nightmare from another dimension and only agents from the agency IDEA were able to stop reality from unraveling. The train, known as The Wraith, disappeared along with the scientist who built it. Now, in present day, a young man hears the distant sound of a train whistle. The rundown train station at the end of the wooded path is somehow regenerating. Plus, people in and around Knorr are acting a little stranger than normal The Wraith is coming back, but it's not coming alone. Will Knorr survive? Will the universe?

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