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My new horror short story is out for you Kindle fans

I do love writing short stories as much as I do my novels. Going on a bit of a short story bender is a challenge to my brain and I can get nastier and a little more grim with my short stories. They also will eventually all become episodes for my podcast, so there's a bonus.

I just dropped a new 99 cents Kindle-only short story out there. A creepy little horror story about a pair of sunglasses which shows a lot more than just the world with dimmed sunlight. Get it for your Kindle device, tablet or phone by clicking HERE or the cover image below.


Kiersten’s just a hard-working lawyer who loves to shop yard and garage sales for a bargain. However, she gets a lot more than she bargained for the night she stops at a yard sale held by a woman and her weird, mysterious, grandmother. She finds a very old ornate box and within is a pair of very old sunglasses. She’s told they’re probably the oldest sunglasses she’ll ever find. Except that when Kiersten puts these glasses on, it does more than block out the sun. They’re coming now. They can see her. And they’ll come right through Kiersten to get into our world. A short story from the author of The Revisionists, The Man From Taured, Sapphire, RIG and Storyland.

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