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Good news coming for fans of The Man From Taured this summer

It's one of those weird things that happens in the world of indie publishing. The kind of publishing I do. You put out a novel and you market the thing. The book sells pretty well at the start, then a little bit more when the audiobook comes out, but mostly it sits there. Then, out of the blue, four years later, the book just starts to generate a little buzz. Sure, you aren't exactly on the NY Times bestseller list just yet and Netflix (or some other streaming service - ahem) has yet to call to turn your novel into a movie or series, but it's suddenly spiking.

This is what's happening with me and my novel fro 2015 The Man From Taured. I finally have a novel that seems to be selling more paperbacks and audiobooks than Kindle books and it's been a blast to watch. As a writer who longs to write books full time, you just can't help but want to figure out the code and bottle it for later.

What causes such a thing? Well, of course, if I knew that, then my latest novel - The Revisionists - would already be selling like it was going out of style. That isn't really happening just yet. Maybe that novel will take another year or four to find its audience. Who knows?

As a friend told me recently: gift horse. In short, why a I spending all of this time trying to figure out why The Man From Taured is selling. Just embrace it and be happy.

So, that's really what this is about. This is a blog for you fans of The Man From Taured who, even after reading nearly 700 pages of that tale, kind of want a little more. No, it's not sequel, but a companion piece for that novel. Some of the same characters, not to mention the inter-dimensional law enforcement agency IDEA, makes a return in this novel. It's also another novel set in my fictional town of Knorr, PA.

It's called The Wraith and it's coming this summer. I don't have a specific date yet, but think it may be out sometime this July. Here's the cover:

Years ago, during World War II, a man conducting an experiment and unaware of the forces he is working with, causes an entire train to vanish. Now, in modern times, the train (called The Wraith) is coming back. However, after decades in another dimension, it isn't what it once was. It's evil and the evil is seeping through into the beleaguered town of Knorr. Now the town itself is tearing itself to pieces. Who will survive?

Stay tuned for more about this one. It took me a couple of years to get this one ready for publication. I wrote it back when I did Storyland and then knew I had to go back and make rewrites. I finally got the final draft ironed out over the winter. Now it's ready...and it's coming.

Can the agents from IDEA and the people of Knorr find a way to stop The Wraith from coming back through? And bringing unending evil with it?

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