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New Audiobook Thriller! After the Snowfall

I am very proud to say that a new audiobook of one of my favorite books I have written is now out. My thriller book After the Snowfall is now available as an audiobook and read by the amazing Scott Servheen who has been just the most amazing voice talent to work with. I am so excited to bring this one to you. This is a book that has a truly special place in my heart.

I wrote this book as my book for the one and only time I participated in NaNoWriMo. I wrote this book within 22 days and it nearly killed me. I loved the book and was so proud of it, but working that hard and pushing myself that hard led me into a depression in December and I soon had to get help to avoid bad things. Despite this, I am very proud of this book and I think you'll love the way Scott reads this book.

I got the idea for this one walking my dog. I was just out walking and I looked down the street. Although I was walking my dog during the summer, I imagined the entire street shut down due to a massive blizzard, with snow piled up on either side. Down at the very far end of the street I imagined three men in black walking towards me. Fearless. Just down the center of the road. I knew they were bad and I knew evil would follow them.

After the Snowfall was my first female protagonist, too. It's violent and thrilling and terrifying and I think the way Scott reads it will suck you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.


"Three men are coming to town. Why do they fill everyone who sees them with fear?

The town of Darrick, Illinois, is buried in snow. A crippling blizzard has covered the small town, bringing it to a standstill. The next morning, as the residents try to dig themselves out, a strange thing is seen on the horizon. Three men, dressed in black, walk down the center of the only road in and out of town.

Why do they instill fear in all who see them? What are their intentions? Who can help, when the world is buried in feet of snow? This is a day the town of Darrick is not going to forget."

Click HERE to get your copy at Audible. There are other areas where it will be available such as Amazon and iTunes soon!

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