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Audiobooks: Listening to the horror

The first time I listened to an audiobook it was way back in the late 80s when my family and I were about to hit the road for a long roadtrip. It was a huge box of cassette tapes to listen to on my Walkman of Stephen King reading The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger. As a fan of King, I had heard of this novel, but knew it had only been released in a limited release and this was the first time I had seen it made available in any format to the public.

Riding in the car across the mostly flat Midwest and other boring states, King's voice transfixed me. I was enthralled and soon found myself listening to tape after tape, much too fast, and it was all over much too quickly.

Years later, I listened to Presumed Innocent as an audio CD, which was also during a long roadtrip and, again, it was fantastic and made the miles fly by. When I got an iPod, I decided to try listening to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on audiobook and was again totally hooked.

I have loved audiobooks and when they are done in their full, unexpurgated, version and by someone with a tremendous voice who knows how to translate the characters and the action, there is no more immersive experience than listening to a horror audiobook. It's like being there, the voice creeping up behind you and you just wait for the skeletal hand to grab you.

When I started publishing my own work, I really wanted to make as many of my works available as audiobooks. I know there are people out there who commute and travel a lot and there is little more entertaining and time-consuming (in a good way) than an audiobook. I am delighted to say, I have been successful in doing this. I have many titles available as audiobooks and I am proud to say there are audiobooks of my work available at Amazon, Audible and iTunes. That's pretty good for a Midwest guy with no musical talent.

So. I am very happy that Beacon Publishing Group made my latest horror book S.P.I.D.A.R. available as an audiobook. It was fantastic to have them put it all together, including finding the great voice talent Robert Keesecker, read this very creepy and horrifying book.

If you are looking for a new experience to really make the miles go by, make the commute easier and more enjoyable or you just want to experience horror in an all new way. A way that may sort of remind of you telling ghost stories around a campfire or during an sleepover. I hope you'll check out all of audiobook titles available out there and, in particular, check out the amazing job Beacon Publishing did for S.P.I.D.A.R.

AVAILABLE NOW - S.P.I.D.A.R. the audiobook

The town of Whittier is isolated in Alaska, and the people all live within towers once used by the military. The tourist season is over, and winter is on the way. Then, a body washes up on shore. A body that says it's from the government facility across the sound at Esther Island. With a storm coming, the citizens of Whittier have to deal with this on their own. They put the body in the basement of the towers, but their doctor wants to find out what killed this man. Was it a disease? How dangerous is it?

Then, the horror begins.

Get the audiobook as read by Robert Keesecker at Amazon and Audible!

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