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Storyland: Now a semi-finalist

Last year I was invited by the wonderful Kara Kohn at the Plainfield Public Library here in Illinois to a local author event. I went there to sell and sign books and then participate in a discussion with other Illinois-based authors. It was a horrible day weather-wise, but a great time for those of us who were there.

The library told us about all of these great resources the library and other Illinois libraries offered us local, independent authors to help get our books out there. One of them was a contest called the "Soon to be Famous Illinois Authors Contest." I just needed a librarian to submit my work and sponsor me and - voila.

I asked Kara if she would. It was a struggle as the interface did not work so great, but it finally went through.

Time went by and I kind of forgot about it. I have never won a contest or book award and in this line of work, you kind of get used to rejection. Given the disturbing and scary stuff I write about, you especially get used to being dismissed and Storyland is one of the most disturbing books I have ever written.

Then, suddenly, my Twitter account went crazy. It turns out - Storyland is a semi-finalist. Look, I don't know if I stand a chance of being a finalist, but I am SO honored to even get this far, I can barely sit still. Take a look HERE at all of the semi-finalists and just look at all of those amazingly talented author in my home state.

I want to thank the Plainfield Public Library and Kara. I want to thank everyone who read my psychological thriller Storyland and liked it. I want to thank all of you fans for being there.

Hey, they have always said, it's an honor just to be nominated. Now I get it. It really is.

Good luck and congratulations to all of the other authors and books. You all rock and keep writing!


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