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My new horror short story is out too!

Amid all of my marketing and efforts to promote my psychological suspense horror novel Storyland, I kind of overlooked the fact a new short story is out just for your Kindle & Kindle Apps. This one is really creepy, folks, and I had a blast writing it. So, if bite-sized horror for just 99 cents is your thing, you'll want to click on the image below and get yourself a copy.

***A TERRIFYING SHORT STORY OF ABOUT 15,000 WORDS*** Hanley is the Town Time Forgot. The main street still looks like it did in the 50s. There's a thriving local grocery store, hardware store, clothing stores and downtown area. No big box stores. It has been this way. It has always been this one. Then, one night, an 18-year-old-man hears something truly terrifying over the radio. Something that has to be a nightmare. Could not possibly be real. Hanley, Illnois, it seems, has made a deal. A deal to keep things as they are and always have been. Something that requires sacrifice. Something that brings terrifying screams. ...and then silence.

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