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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

The Bully In Chief Will Never Be My President

I don't like to get political on here. My wife goes crazy when I do. It hurts sales! It is true. I want to be an author for everyone. I avoid politics as much as possible in my novels and there is no political agenda in them as much as that can be. However, this blog is also a place where I write about my life and my opinion.

So, last week, we had an election and the guy I am diametrically opposed to in every single way won. Look, I have NEVER been a Trump fan. I thought he was a jerk when he came into prominence in the 80s. I hated his stupid TV show and would rail against him when my wife insisted we watch the celebrity version. I hated listening to him on Howard Stern. I have always loathed him as greedy, narcissistic moron and just an all around jerk.

Needless to say, I am not happy.

What's amusing to me is how many people tell me "just relax. He's our President. Let him try." These are the same people who refused to do that with President Obama. Sure, but when they did it it was wrong too, I hear. We should be better than that.

Yeah, well, tough tooty.

Republicans screamed and yelled when an intelligent man took office. A man with a law degree and who had been a community activist. A man of high intelligence and integrity. A man who loved his wife and family. A man of dignity and politeness. He definitely did not deserve the hatred he got.

Donald Trump? Oh, he's a bigoted, racist, narcissistic, sexist, unintelligent, unprepared, xenophobic, anti-homosexual, anti-Muslim bully. He deserves to be opposed at every step. America should not and cannot stand for what he stands for.

Just stop protesting! Accept it.


Look, when I was in grammar school, junior high and high school I was violently bullied. In Junior High, in particular, it was a game among several boys to just walk up and punch me. They were smart in one way, punching in the shoulders, back and chest, not in my face. Again and again, standing behind me in lines and as they walked past. Punch. Punch. Punch. How much could he take before he cried? I went home with my arms and shoulders colored purple with bruises.

Sometimes I cried, but I did it at home. Did I fight back? Hell no. How? I was the fat kid who had never fought in his life. I'd have gotten my ass kicked worse than just getting hit in the back. I was too scared. Did I tell my parents? No. I was ashamed. Did I tell a teacher? What - and make it worse? Instead, I took it and felt bad about myself. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to die. I wanted it to end.

In high school, it was verbal abuse. Men calling me names across crowded hallways. Writing on the back of my shirt "I'm A" (and then I got up and moved). Stopping me and my friends in the hall or on the sidewalk to get in our faces and try to get us to fight. Those cuts were even deeper than the bruises and it took me 20+ years to even try and forgive them.

So, for me, I will never accept Trump because of who he is. He could cure cancer or rescue puppies - and he'll still be a bully in my eyes and I will never, ever, support a bully.

I hope there are protests every day of his administration. It is a public display to remind the world and those in charge that we do not accept or acknowledge bullies and that we oppose him. Remember how many times you wondered why no one protested or did anything when Hitler came into power? Well, now we are protesting and it sends a signal to the future that some of us stood up and said NO.

I also hope each protester does more.


Shouting and protests are fine. Good. However, when you put down the signs, are you working for real change?

Each Democratic party has a local HQ. I work for my local Dem group. I help with their social media and get their messages out. It requires going to your local Dem HQ and volunteering, taking over, becoming precinct captains. You want more Bernie-types out there? Then work for it. Look up your local party headquarters online and volunteer. You can even fill out volunteer forms online for starters. Work!

Get excited about even the smallest local election. Let's get progressives in school boards. Make them aldermen, city councilmen and women, selectmen. Comptrollers, water reclamation offices, sheriffs, police chiefs, local judges. Turn them all blue. Then vote in your state elections for state assembly and governor and turn the states blue.

That's what the Republicans did in 2012 and look what happened. They focused on local messaging and reached out to the angry white voters. They turned Congress red and then got back the White House.

We cannot sit back. In two years, the mid-term elections come and we have TO GET EXCITED ABOUT THEM, TOO! Get local senators and representatives into Congress and flip it to blue. Once that happens, we stop Trump and the Republicans cold. Pull the rug out from under him.

In the meantime, get to know your neighbors. I have reached out to the local Islamic Community center to help them with community activities and let them know they have a friendly neighbor, for example.

Here is a list of organizations that could use your dollars and your time to fight Trump and the coming racist horrorshow:

Reach out to the immigrant family and let them know they can be safe with you and at your home. Stand up to bullying you see. Get involved personally. Reach out to the Muslim family, the minority family and let them know you are a safe place. Some have taken to wearing safety pins as a silent sign that you are a safe person to be with.

Become a community activist. The poor are going to become much poorer with fewer resources and the coming Recession is likely to be epic. Start food drives. Donate to food pantries. Get active with your church or a local church or group.

Since Trump plans to wrench healthcare away from millions (and replace it with a faulty program that will help the wealthy, but not those that need it) reach out to friends with medical issues. GoFundMe and GiveForward are both excellent for raising money for others who need it. Learn how and be prepared to do it. Share GoFundMe campaigns on your Facebook and social media.

Run for office if you can! Anything. Everything! Housing Associations! City councils! School boards. County boards! If you can do it - do it!

Fight. Fight. Fight. Yes, protest, but also become involved.


What has not changed are my beliefs. I will just need to work harder for these:

1. I believe healthcare is a right and not a privilege. No one should go bankrupt or broke because they are sick. We need universal healthcare and expansion of Medicare is the best way to do that.

2. I believe in marriage equality. Any grown human in love with another grown human should be allowed to marry with all of the benefits that married couples are entitled to.

3. I believe in a woman's right to choose. I believe in a free country, if you decide a child is not for you for any reason, you should be able to terminate the pregnancy safely.

4. I believe in strong gun control laws. It should be the hardest thing in the country to get and own a gun and anyone who does should be trained under combat conditions on how to use it.

5. I believe in equal voting rights. No ID needed.

6. I believe anyone who wants to come to the U.S. should be allowed to legally and that those who are here illegally need a path to citizenship that does not take years. Any race, creed or religion.

7. I believe education should be free or affordable for anyone who wants it. A well educated population is something to strive for, not be afraid of, and we should not saddle college kids with insurmountable debt the moment they graduate.

8. I believe in a free press. Do not make libel lawsuits easier to file.

9. I believe the wealthiest among us should pay the most in taxes. I would like it to be 90% like it was in the 50s, and that money could be used to accomplish much of the above. Sorry, but time and again the "trickle down" theory has been proven to be a fallacy and not work. The rich get richer. The middle class and poor get stomped on.

10. I believe in a federally mandated living minimum wage. You want parents to be home with kids and raise them right? Then make it so they can live on minimum wage, or shut up. Aww, poor baby, you have to pay 25 cents more to stuff a burger in your fat face. I will not shed any tears.

11. I believe religion should have no place in politics or political discussion. Do what's right for America and then settle with your god on your own. Forcing your religion on me is not religious freedom - that would be religious terrorism. Don't tell me how evil Sharia Law is and then hit me across the face with your stupid Bible. Churches should have to pay taxes if they try to influence elections.

There are more, but those 11 are pretty much the base of my beliefs. I also feel strongly about animal rights, but you can read about that elsewhere.

These beliefs have not changed because of Trump. I will fight him at every turn. I will oppose him with my voice, my blog, my writing, my activism, my determination and, if need be, my protest sign. I will do all I can to make it impossible for him to accomplish his horrific agenda.

We'll be defeated, sure. For two years, especially, he will have free reign. So, we will fight as best we can and keep coming back. Eventually, he will fall.

Get involved. Vote. Stay strong. Resist. Fight. Oppose.



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