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Rotate the Earth 2! COMING SOON!

Hello dear Readers. Thanks so much for sticking with me and coming back to check out my blog. I have been super-busy lately. I have my thriller TEXT coming soon (you can pre-order it for Kindle for just 99 cents by clicking on that link, by the way), in August. However, those of you who loved my novel Rotate the Earth: Book One: The Drivers and have been anticipating the second in the planned trilogy, I have good news.

I am doing edits and rewrites now for a publication date of October 2016.

Rotate the Earth: Book Two: The Starting Line will pick up the tale right where we left off with Clay, Kayla, Lance, Viktor, Wally, Ned, Male and Li all getting ready to officially start the Race. In a post-apocalyptic world, the Race is all many people have, but that world is starting to crumble again. As riots break out in what's left of civilization, or Drivers continue to try and race their way across the Territories and the dangers that lurk there - a land of monsters, mutants and death around every corner.

The second novel starts with an all-out, 100 page action scene as the horrors and death of the Race kick into overdrive. It's going to be a breathtaking adventure, I think, with the third and final installment probably coming late 2017 or early 2018.

Stay tuned! Kindle pre-orders will be made ready in a few weeks!


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