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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

Get Autographed Books!

I have entered into an agreement with Green Clover Designs to sell autographed print books through the Etsy store. Right now, the books are The Lightning Weaver and The Lord of Winter. When you buy one, you will get it personalized by me and shipped right to your door. See, no need to do a book tour and book signing all around the country - I just mail it to your door.

Also, Green Clover Designs has some amazing and cool jewelry. Handmade jewelry that is perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations, Christmas, Easter, or just because it's Thursday. If you like unique jewelry designs - Green Clover Designs is your place to shop.

So, check it out. Order a book - get is signed. Order some jewelry and become a fan of the designer. I know I am.


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