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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

We Are Always Superheroes

So, at the place where I do the day job, writing website content and blogs and stuff, there is a big warehouse attached to the office part. Several times a day I go out and walk around there to get exercise, stretch my legs, do some thinking, just to get away from the desk and computer, whatever. These days, thanks to FitBit, you have to get your steps in and sometimes I just think better when I am walking. You know how that is.

There are rows and rows of shelving units almost all the way to the ceiling. They are filled with pre-decorated Christmas trees and all kinds of plant supplies and things. At the end of each row is a light and a sensor so that when no one is around the lights will go off. For much of the time, there are people out there moving boxes and pallets around, but sometimes the warehouse workers go back to their cubicles, too, or head off to lunch. Sometimes, if I time it just right, the warehouse workers will be gone and the lights will go off and the warehouse dark.

There is a path you can walk and as you reach each row of shelves, the light will click on. I have learned roughly when they will turn on as I walk past.

Here's my favorite thing to do: as I walk past each row, I flick my hand, or make a gesture as the light goes on. As if it were me mentally commanding the lights to go on. Like I have super powers.

Why? Because we should never, ever, stop playing. Never let our imaginations die. Never truly grow up. We should always have that part in us that believes we can command lights, open the automatic doors at supermarkets or even fly.

We are superheroes.

Never forget that.


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