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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

How I Went to the Doctor and Ended up Diabetic

OK, so the past week was a little crazy. People say that you shouldn't tell medical stuff publicly like this, but I like to share parts of my life and my life changed last week big time. Yes, that blog headline is a bit click-baitey - sorry. But the fact is that last week I found out I was diabetic. The way I found out was a bit crazy and it also gets a little gross - sorry about that, too.

About March 4 I noticed a weird bump in the groin area. I had had them before and they always popped up and went away on their own. This one did not, however. Instead, over the weekend, it got bigger and more sore until, by end of the work day Monday, I was having a hard time walking. Tuesday morning, I was in so much pain I could barely walk at all. I called a local Convenient Care center and made my way over to have it looked at.

The doctors at the CC were worried about where this thing was located. They figured it was an abscess, basically, nasty fluids had built up beneath what was likely an ingrown hair or clogged pore to start with. They said I should visit the ER of a local hospital, called ahead for me, and sent me on my way.

While in the ER, I told my story about how the sore had appeared Friday and by Tuesday I could barely walk. The speed at which that had become an infection worried them and they asked if I were diabetic. No, I said, I had never been diagnosed, but it ran in my family. That got them even more worried. Before I knew it, they were taking a drop of blood and running it through a glucose meter.

Normal blood sugar levels should be anywhere between about 110 - 150, althoug the numbers can vary a bit from person to person. Mine were 309. Then they drew more blood and got worried about the numbers for my kidney.

I was going to have to spend the night in the hospital.

Thankfully, by the next morning my kidney numbers were normal. However, my blood pressure and glucose levels were still very high. The kind people at the hospital told me what was going to be needed. I left with prescriptions for medications to control both of those things and to get rid of my infection.

The first day of being a diabetic and trying out the new meds knocked me for a loop. I could barely move, my head was pounding and I felt dizzy. My glucose numbers were all over the place.

Thankfully, a number of friends who are also diabetic stepped up to help me. They gave me advice and told me about their experiences. They provided resources and encouraged me. Instead of harping on what I could no longer eat, they filled me with what I could.

Diabetes is a major and serious disease. It can lead to serious problems down the road. If not managed, it can be fatal. Lots of people have it in this country and around the world and I now stand among them. I am feeling better now, managing things, and learning that life continues in its glory and wonder even when you get a chronic illness. I know I will get my blood sugar and pressure under control. Perhaps to the point where I can even get off the meds. It's a new adventure. and I will share with you what I learn here.

I can say, if you worry that you have diabetes or just want answers, you can visit the American Diabetes Association for a start. Then reach out to friends. I think you'll find a few of them are already dealing with it and will have some great ideas for how you can live with this disease. And, you can always follow up with me and I'll be glad to help as much as I can.

Take care.


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