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Bryan W. Alaspa's writing injects the American spirit into the dark heart of our nightmares

Iain Rob Wright, Author of Ravage & The A-Z of Horror




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One man has somehow become a leader to bring people across the early United States to California. The journey is treacherous, but there's a man who claims he has found a route that will get them there faster. As the winter approaches, and the snow comes, something evil follows them within the forest. Georgie, the young son of the man leading the group, hears the voices. They tell him to feed. To feed upon those around him.


Then the snows come, and they are forced to build shelters and try to ride it out. However, the demons within the forest will not stop. Soon, the children begin to change. As Garland and some other men set out to find rescue, those left behind discover that there is a nightmare beyond the cold. There is something horrific beyond just the snows that bury them. There is something beyond the hunger.


The children are no longer human. They have long sharp teeth. They can communicate to each other without speaking. And they hunger. Oh, they hunger and when their teeth bite, nothing can stop them.


A terrifying novel with one of the scariest opening scenes I have ever written, this story was inspired by the real life tale of the Donner Party, but adds a strong supernatural bent to it. A story of one man, trying to will success to his family, but who may have just led them into the most terrifying nightmare any human has ever faced before.


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When the Night Comes Out is doing something new! Staring February 13, a novel that will exist only as a podcast comes to you. Called THE HIVE, it is the tale of a prison buried deep beneath the earth. A self-sustaining community, where the most dangerous people in the world are sent to spend their time. A community that thrives and survives by mining and on this day, a new mining tunnel was dug. Inside, a nightmare beyond imagining has been released. Creatures with sharp teeth, claws and that reanimates the dead is unleashed upon the community of the Hive and Hive City. Now, prisoners and guards, plus all of those who live and work miles beneath the surface have to find a way to stop these creatures from reaching the surface. 

Find When the Night Comes Out on all of your favorite podcast apps, or click below!


"A gloriously thrilling mash-up between horror and fantasy. ***** - sassymamareads 

Despite his city being torn apart by riots and unrest, the St. Louis mayor has decreed that the beloved Fourth of July festival WILL go on as planned. This leaves public safety manager Logan Field at his wits’ end. How can he protect the city’s residents and his own job, especially in the light of a deadly attack in Chicago, a vanished local boy, and a series of disturbing occurrences that are drawing closer and closer together? City-wide panic brews – something is horribly wrong.

Desperate for help, Logan turns to a struggling hunter and they link up with a professor who believes he just might know the cause of the incidents: an ancient evil, dormant for centuries, now awakened. There is no time to waste as the trio races to find to confirm their fear and discover how to face it down – because an entire city and its millions of lives hangs in the balance.


This is the official website of Chicago horror and thriller author Bryan W. Alaspa. Bryan is an indie-published author living in the Chicago area who writes fiction and non-fiction books. His books include true crime and history in non-fiction and thrillers, mysteries, suspense, horror and young adult books and novels. You can find information here about his existing books in Kindle, ebook, print and audiobook format and get advanced notice about new releases of his latest books and novels.dd your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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