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The dawning of the age of the introvert

There are people in this world who would probably disagree with you, but I have always been an introvert. There are many days I can put on a pretty brave face and, if I am comfortable enough in a situation and with the people around me, I can overcome this. However, when I am away from it all, I prefer to be with my wife and my dogs. Plus, if my wife has to go out, I am not going to freak out about being by myself.

Of course, this is evident from when I was a kid. When everyone else wanted to run around and play, I was fine to sit on my porch and read a book. Or sit inside and read a book. Or read a book when on a family road trip instead of staring out the window.

It sure seems like we have come into the tie of the introvert. I remember making statements like, "I wish I could communicate to the rest of the world via keyboard. I hate having to talk to people face-to-face." Heck, I never even liked to pick up the phone and call friends. Now, these days, you are more likely to get a text or email from me instead of a call or person-to-person visit.

Of course, given the things going on in the world right now, and recent events, it seems like this is the time for the introvert. This is the time for the shy person. This is the time for those of us who love to read by ourselves. This also means it's probably a good time for us writers, but this is a time which has been coming for a while now.

Social media, smart phones, affordable laptops, tablets, streaming services are all great things, but let's face facts, they also encourage people to stay home. I have no problem with this. I love spending weekends binging something on a streaming service instead of going out. However, it is the way of things. We can also stay in touch via our phones, too.

There are still the extroverts out there. During my day job, I work with quite a few of them. People who still prefer face-to-face talking, phone calls and other things. I can never quite understand them, but godspeed to those people.

I think this also brings us together. Especially during strange events such as things happening in the news-cycle recently. We are forced to stay at home, but we are also still in touch, still talking. Still reading.

So, my fellow introverts, let's stay in. Let's listen to podcasts. Lets listen to audiobooks. Let's read.

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