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My new novel is called TOTALITY and it's an intense thriller. Coming June 15, but available for pre-order today for just 99 cents! Click HERE to order or on the cover image below.


Totality is the most luxurious resort the Hart Hospitality Organization has ever built. Located on the beautiful tropical island of St. Andrews, this is set to be the biggest resort property the company has ever created. There's just one problem, the man they've put in charge of it, a man named Silas Kirs, just might be insane.

The Hart Organization sends one man to spy on Silas for them. Report back, tell them what's happening, and do what he can to make sure the resort opening during a total eclipse of the sun goes off without a hitch.

What Martin finds is beyond the scope of believability. Not only is Silas Kirs potentially insane, but he just might be about to destroy the lives of hundreds of people.

An intense thriller about madness, ego, and the people willing to turn a blind eye for profit, Totality is a terrifying tale from the author of The Man From Taured, Deranged, Vicious, RIG and the Deklan Falls detective series.

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