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My Terrifying new novella The Cut-Through is out!

I guess it's sort of hard to scare people when the world itself is so damn terrifying right now. Who had any idea that 2020 would turn into a living nightmare far scarier than anything I could ever write? However, if you really would like to escape from the reality of the world and spend some time in a fictional scar universe, my terrifying new novella is called The Cut-Through and its finally out in print or Kindle formats.

What is The Cut-Through?

The novella is a mystery horror story. It starts out as a pretty standard mystery tale when a young elementary school vanishes out of nowhere while walking home with her friends. She vanishes in the titular cut-through which is a short pathway from one sub-division to another. Gone in seconds. The cops are called and two detectives are assigned to the case, assuming it's a standard kidnapping case. Horrible, for sure, but just a regular case.

Then, three weeks after this young elementary school girl vanishes, a young woman in her 20s seems to appear on the front porch of the young girl's house. She's naked and terrified and claims to be the same girl who vanished just three weeks before. She bears all of the same scars and has most of the same memories.

Then the true nightmare begins...

I really enjoyed writing this one and compare it to the feeling I got when I wrote Strange Fruit and the Slender Man. If you like a tale that builds and builds, ratcheting up the tension until you reach a shocking and explosive conclusion - you'll love this one.

The Cut-Through will keep you on the edge of your seat and provide a few nightmares at the end, too. You can get a Kindle edition or a print edition both at Amazon. Please be sure to leave a review if you read the book and recommend it to a friend!

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