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My New Halloween Release Available for Pre-Order

As always, I have a new book coming out this Halloween. It is a tradition I started a few years back and hope to keep going for as long as I have stories to tell. I love having a new tale or collection of tales to creep you out during the Halloween season.

At Dawn, Before the Cold, is a collection of four novellas and it is now available for Kindle pre-order for just 99 cents. You can also order yourself a paperback edition. To ensure you get either copy, pace your orders now!



In a small town, a young couple finds a seemingly bottomless well behind their home. A well where things can not only fall in, but terrifying things can find a way out.

A hidden door in an old library leads to a nightmare for one man. What would you do if the books in your hand allowed you to read the thoughts of everyone living...or dead?

The nightmare of the World War One trenches is just the start of the story. A platoon of American soldiers are sent to check out a small down. They soon find there are more terrifying things in the world than bombs and bullets.

A young girl vanishes into thin air. Two detectives are assigned the case, but when a 20-year-old woman appears claiming to the same girl, the true nightmare begins.

Please, once you get your copy, feel free to leave reviews at Amazon, Goodreads or Bookbub!

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