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COVID Diaries: What Does a Writer Do in Quarantine?

It is day six. I cannot believe that i am probably going to get to see the people I work with before I really get to spend time with my own wife and dogs. How's that for a kick in the crotch? But yes, I am still quarantined in the bedroom. I am watching lots of things like MST3K on PlutoTV (which is a very cool and free streaming thing).

What else does a writer do? Well, if you guessed "write" then you are paying attention and you can go to the head of the class. Right now, my phone and my laptop are my once tenuous connection the sanity, reality and the rest of the world. I chat with my wife via Facebook Messenger, people. I have sent whiny DMs to friends via Instagram. I have texted with people I haven't talked to in a while all just to keep myself from going crazy.

However, I also just finished a novelette called The Top Floors which will come out early next year. Yep, that's what you do. I have also been in contact with my fellow producer of the When the Night Comes Out podcast. Unfortunately, she also got COVID this week.

I also have been giving my dogs nice long walks during the daylight hours because the weather is nice. Today, I also put out the Christmas decorations around our house. So, yay, I got one feeling of accomplishment for this entire long-ass week. Also, I figure a little Vitamin D from the sun couldn't really hurt me too much, right?

It is a shame how this kind of thing works, right? Imagine a company that insists you come back to the office so quickly, while at home, I still have to quarantine from my wife so I don't get her sick. What kind of sick corporation is so against working from home that they would put other employees at risk by insisting they come back. Some very sad and lonely top executives there, right?

So, that means this Christmas my thriller novella Among Friends is coming out. Then, on Valentine's Day, February 14, my novelette The Top Floors is coming out. Then, in March, my novella of my first horror fiction podcast Ovule arrives.

Right now, we are in the middle of season 3 of When the Night Comes Out - the Podcast. However, the new episode did not drop this week because, well, everyone involved in the podcast got COVID. Yeah, so hopefully we'll finish off the season in the next couple of weeks.

I am getting this whole "being a writer" part of my life in beautiful order, I guess. Now, if the universe would just respond to me putting out the need for a huge publishing deal, movie or TV deal, then things would really be great and 2022 would end on a high note, for sure. I have even started blogging again - as you can see.

Oh, and universe, send me a huge publishing deal, a bestselling novel, a huge successful podcast with advertisers, a move and TV deal and that'll be good.

Yeah - I'm going crazy. Hope you're doing well. Go get your booster shot if you haven't.

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