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Behind the Scenes of FERAL: A Winter Tale of Horror

Welcome, my fellow horror aficionados and adventurous readers, to a chilling expedition behind the scenes of my latest novel FERAL , a bone-chilling tale that will send shivers down your spine faster than a polar bear on a skiing trip in Antarctica!

Into the Heart of Darkness

Imagine it's a cold winter night, the kind that makes you cuddle deeper under your blanket, grateful for the warmth it provides. Now, envision a group of unsuspecting travelers stranded in the snowy wilderness, surrounded by the eerie whispers of the forest. This is the world of FERAL , where nature's wrath collides with the darkest corners of the human mind.

It started for me with a podcast about The Donner Party, but then a supernatural element crept in.

The Genesis of Fear: A Personal Story

The journey into the twisted depths of FERAL begins with a chilling revelation from me It would be a much cooler story if the idea for this horrifying saga struck me during a camping trip gone awry. However, I only went camping once, it was during the summer, and it was a disaster, but not on par with the tale I tell in this novel.

Mostly it was the details of the podcast where I heard heard a tale about the infamous Donner Party and their harrowing descent into the depths of cannibalism to survive a brutal winter. The seeds of horror were sown, and thus, FERAL was born.

Unraveling the Mystery

As the plot thickens like a hearty stew simmering over the flames, readers are transported into a world where the line between man and beast blurs into oblivion. The characters in FERAL are not mere victims; they are survivors fighting against a force more primal than any winter storm. With each turn of the page, the author's masterful storytelling unravels the hidden truths lurking beneath the snow-covered landscape.

What makes it even more terrifying is that the horror focuses on the children. Because, let's face it, there is little more terrifying than kids acting creepy. Just check out The Omen or Village of the Damned or even The Exorcist.

Embracing the Darkness

What sets FERAL apart from the myriad horror stories out there is its unapologetic embrace of the macabre. For those brave enough to delve into its pages, a symphony of fear and fascination awaits. From bone-chilling encounters in the dead of night to heart-pounding escapes through the treacherous woods, this novel is a rollercoaster ride through the darkest recesses of the human soul.

Plus, for you gore fans, there is plenty here. I mean, we are talking about possessed children eating people, so it can be pretty horrific.

Survival of the Creepiest

As the characters in FERAL battle both the elements, their inner demons and literal demons, one thing becomes abundantly clear: in the wilderness, only the fittest—and the creepiest—shall survive.

The Legacy of Fear

FERAL is more than just a horror novel; it's a testament to the enduring power of fear. Like the lingering chill of a winter night, its grip on your psyche is relentless. Long after you've closed the book, the echoes of its haunting narrative will linger, a constant reminder that true terror lies not in the dark corners of a forest but within the depths of our own minds.

So, dear readers, if you dare to venture into the heart of darkness, if you crave a thrill that will leave you breathless and trembling, then FERAL is the winter tale of horror you've been waiting for. Just remember: once you step into its world, there's no turning back.

Let the fear consume you, let the chill embrace you, and let the words of the author weave a spell that will haunt your dreams for nights to come. Winter is coming, and with it, the beasts of FERAL stir from their slumber. Are you ready to face the unknown?

In Conclusion

As the fire crackles and the shadows dance, we bid farewell to the world of FERAL , a place where horror reigns supreme and winter's icy grip never loosens. May the spirits of the forest guide your path and the howls of the night keep you company as you navigate the twisted maze of fear this novel has to offer.

Now, dear readers, go forth and conquer the darkness, armed with nothing but your wits and the knowledge that in the world of FERAL , the only way out is through. Happy reading, and may your nightmares be ever so intriguing!

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