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Meet Shawn Arscott - the artist behind the cover of Darkness Falls

Shawn Arscott is a big bear of a man. He and I went to the same high school. He has not always had the easiest of lives, and I think he would agree with me there. However, he has a strong faith, and repeatedly seeks redemption for the wrongs he had done in life. He struggles with constant pain, not to mention some mental health issues. For him, art has become therapy. His online Facebook page dedicated to his art is full of his works both in progress and complete. It's here where I first saw his work called "Fear."

Here's the post I saw in my feed:

I instantly felt something right inside my gut. I couldn't stop looking at the painting. I knew it was called "Fear" and read the explanation he gave for why he called it such. I knew right away this was the image I needed for the cover of my new collection of horror short stories Darkness Falls (available for pre-order at Amazon now).

As much as I knew this was the cover I had been looking for, there was something more.

I have spoken many times about how I have suffered with depression most of my life. I have explained how my first bouts were during 6th grade and it has been a constant within me. Sometimes there are reasons for the feeling, but other times the darkness falls over me for seemingly no reason at all.

I looked at that painting and it was the perfect representation to me of what it's like when my own personal darkness falls. Like a veil over my eyes. I can see color and light, but everything seems just a bit obscured. Just out of reach. I know it's there, but I can't make it out.

I asked Shawn if I could use the painting as the cover of my book. He agreed. I also said I'd be interested in buying the painting, so that may happen. However, Shawn has a show where his art will be featured. If you are in the Chicago area when it is happening, I hope you visit. You should see this painting, and his other work, in person.

Art can heal. It can heal both the artist and those who view the art, read it, or hear it. You will see Shawn's name listed along with mine in Amazon as well as within the pages of the Kindle & print editions. I am proud to display his work on the cover of my book.

To pre-order my new book Darkness Falls, CLICK HERE.

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