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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

Voice talent Allie James discusses When the Night Comes Out

This woman is just amazing. Allie James is one of those people who just sort of came into my life and we just seemed to hit it off creatively. She gets my work. She likes the kind of things I like to write. When I first heard the work she did on the audiobook version of When the Night Comes Out, something clicked. I felt it in my bones. Here was THE voice of my stories. For my money, she can be the voice of my work forever going forward.

Out of the blue, she did this amazing video where she talks about When the Night Comes Out. It's great. I am flattered. She's amazing. If you need voice talent, you should hire her, but also don't take her away from me! She and I are definitely going to work on some projects in 2019. Stay tuned, but check out the video before.

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