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Upcoming books and freelance writing

Hello everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for coming with me on the journey. The release of SPIDAR has been a major milestone for me. My first published work of fiction by a larger-sized publisher than I have ever worked with before. I am now on an author page on their website alongside true heroes of mine like Clive Barker and Brian Keene. A publisher who put out, all at once, a paperback, ebook and audiobook edition and who has a significant audiobook division that has made my book a focus.

Of course, you have also come along and signed up for my newsletter. You read my blogs, add me to your Twitter lists and Facebook groups. You share my posts and my author pages. You, sincerely, are the best part of doing what I do. Without all of you fine and amazing readers out there, I might have given up writing all together a while ago. The journey continues, but we got this far together.

I have books in the works. I am writing my first work of non-fiction in a while and it's exciting. I am partnering with my wife to create this and it is my first textbook sort of tome. It will help other authors understand the nuances of SEO for their websites. I work with SEO analysis and writing on my day job and I have decided to use the skills I have to teach other writers.

I am also working on the third Elementals books. It is coming along, but still just about 100 pages written, so quite a ways from being complete. I wouldn't hold my breath for it to be out anytime before Christmas and probably more likely in 2019.

I have a novel I wrote end of last year and completed the beginning of this year, called The Revisionists, in Beta review. I already have great feedback on it and will need to do some extensive rewrites and edits. I then plan a second Beta read (what comes after Beta in the alphabet??) and probably more edits. Then some more tinkering and finally publication. This is probably the one most likely to end up published at the end of 2018 with Elementals part three out in early 2019.

I also have, in the works, a collection of my short stories called When the Night Comes Out. My plan is to have that finalized and ready to go in Kindle and print editions for Halloween.

All that said - I wanted to tell you that things are slowing down a bit on this particular train. See, I am still writing and I am marketing the hell out of SPIDAR, but both books mentioned above are being written at a much more casual pace than I normally do my books.

As you may know, I am also a freelance writer. I can write website content for people and blog articles and news articles and press releases and etc., etc. I am a working writer, as the title of my website says. These days, we need some extra bucks and I am taking on freelance clients for the first time in a few years. Some of the projects are extensive and require me to spend my free time working on them instead of the books.

So, 2018 still promises more! I have more than 30 books and novels now, so maybe it's a good time to catch up. I am working to get more of those books available as audiobooks, too, for those of you who love those. I am going to keep promoting SPIDAR and Storyland. The Revisionists will be out around Christmas and When the Night Comes Out on Halloween.

In the meantime, if you happen to know of anyone who could use a freelancer, send them my way. I can use the extra work right now!

You guys are the best. I thank you for all you have done to make my dream of being a write come true.


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