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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

New short story ready now! Surprise!

Just to keep you on your toes - I published a new short story today. Yup, just like a pop star droppin' a surprise single, it's out and ready for you to download to your Kindle or phone via Kindle App today! Just 99 cents.

Click on the image below to get your copy - just a sweet little tale of a girl and her monster...

***A SHORT STORY OF 8,000 WORDS*** Marlena's family lives in a very dangerous town at a very dangerous time. Her daddy does a very dangerous job. That's OK, though, because her family is friends with Kai. Kai is her best friend - and Kai is very, very, very big. He protects them. Then, the bad men come and hurt her daddy and take her away. Marlena's not worried. Kai is coming. Kai will save her. And God help the men who took her and hurt her family, because nothing can stop Kai. Nothing. A short story or horror and revenge - and a little girl's best friend.

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