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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

OPINION: the 10 Best Superhero Movies Ever

With the release of two separate superhero movies in 2017 alone, my list of favorite superhero movies has changed. Who cares? I have no idea, but I like writing about movies, superheroes and superhero movies and, for some reason, people seem to like list articles.

The fact is that superhero movies have, for the most part, improved over the years. Not all have been a success (See Batman vs Superman and the horrifically boring, dreadful, awful, terrible, travesty-of-a-movie Suicide Squad), but a lot of them have. To the point where superhero movies are starting to incorporate other genres. For example, Westerns and the plan to do a New Mutants movie that's a horror flick.

So, for your own debate and reading fun, here is my current list of what I think are the top 10 best superhero movies ever.

10. Superman 2 - still one of the best. The fights between the original director and the guy who ultimately finished it off and added the campy parts (oh, the guy on roller skates, how funny!), it is still the best. Yeah, sure, Superman has not ever been able to take off his S and throw it at anyone and it, literally, did nothing, but who cares? It's still a great film.

9. Spider-Man 2 - of the Sam Raimi films, this is still the best. Peter Parker becomes a real character and Doc Ock is still a great villain and more interesting than the Green Goblin. Too bad the third one sucked hard and ruined it all, but this one still shines.

8. Captain America: Civil War - in the Marvel universe of films, they have just been killin' it with the Captain America movies. This is really an Avengers film in all but name and presents great fight scenes, a great story and a well directed film that excites, introduces great new characters (can't wait for the Black Panther movie!) and also breaks your heart a bit, too.

7. Deadpool - the first of the R rated superhero movies and still one of the best. I watched it in the theater and laughed, then watched it when it came onto HBO and laughed harder and more often. Irreverent, still exciting and action-packed, this is a dirty, raunchy, hilarious superhero movie that turns the superhero movie on its ear.

6. Doctor Strange - a movie where the character on film is actually better and more interesting than the one in the comics. Benedict Cumberbatch manages to make the good doc funny, warm and relatable - which is more than I can say for the comics. It managed to remember to have a sense of humor as well as mind-bending visuals.

5. Captain America: Winter Soldier - a spy movie mashed with a superhero flick that works like a costumed James Bond film. Great action. Great chemistry between Cap and Black Widow. Great introduction to Falcon. Betrayal and action and all things good. The only thing that irritates me is this is the movie that proves Black Widow needs her own solo spy movie and it has yet to get made which is frustrating.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy (vol, 1&2) - yeah, cheating and putting these two together. I love these characters as a team even more than the Avengers. They are funny, they are warm and fuzzy at times, they are action-packed. The second one dragged at the end just a tad, but the soundtracks of both of these alone are worth this spot on the list. Also: Baby Groot.

3. The Dark Knight - I know, people want to break bad on this one, but I have watched and re-watched it on cable and would re-watch it again right now just to see Heath Ledger as the Joker. The best Joker. Always the best. The best movie, despite Christian Bale's need-a-lozenge voice. I love this movie and your hatred of it is just wrong. Shut up.

2. Wonder Woman - the newest entry and one of the best. It remembers to be fun, it also remembers not to make it so dark that its unbearable. Wonder Woman chooses to be a hero and actually remembers to care about the people around her (unlike Superman in Man of Steel). The moment Wonder Woman steps into No Man's Land is one of the most exciting and thrilling moments in superhero movie history and if you don't think so - you died or something. Sorry to tell you. Gal Gadot is great. The story rocks. The fighting is great. The secondary characters are great. I want the sequel now!

1. Logan - holy crap. Who knew? All of Wolverine's solo efforts have been crap. Until this. By paring the story down and making it a slightly futuristic Western, this becomes the best superhero tale ever. The world is not at stake here. Wolverine is sick and old and dying, but now he needs to protect a little girl who reminds him quite a bit of - himself. Is it sad? Yes. Are the performances among the best of 2017? Absolutely. They had better nominate Hugh, Patrick and, what the hell, Dafne Keene come awards season. Touching, exciting, sad, heart-breaking, thrilling. God, I love this movie!

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