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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

Hey, Webster U Film Students - Here's an Offer

So, I am a graduate of Webster University in St. Louis. I graduated with a Communications degree and a desire to get into radio before eventually turning back to writing as my passion.

What Webster had a lot of is theater students and media students who all thought they would become the next great film director. So, someone gave me this idea: reach out to your alma mater student paper and get them to promote the idea that any of their film students could reach out to you and turn one of your short stories into a student film.

It was a brilliant idea and I did and they ran a story. Want to read it? CLICK RIGHT HERE AND READ IT.

That's right. If you're a film student and one of my short stories interests you - let me know. I just want a digital copy I can load up to my own YouTube Channel and if you show it at a festival or it gets nominated for an award, invite me. Also, a credit for inspiring the story would be great.

Adapt it any way you want.

Look, I don't really care what school you go to, so reach out no matter what. Just special preference is given to the school what taught me.


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