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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

Some Thoughts on Snow

Yep, that is a photo right outside my house today. The first real snowstorm of the season is here in the Chicago area. People are freaking out around here, as if that was not going to happen. Of course, dimwits will suggest that snow means there is no global warming. I say the fact that the first snow in Chicago this late in the year is proof that there's global warming - but whatever.

I love snow. I love winter. People freak about it. Oh, wahh, I have to shovel. Oh, wahh, I have to drive slow. Oh, wahh, it's cold. Hey, there are states like Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawaii, Texas, Florida and the horrible states in the south you can live in and not deal with this. Just be careful that your house isn't destroyed by a tornado, earthquake or hurricane - but enjoy the hot, swampy, humid, miserable weather!

I love how snow makes you slow down. You have to drive slower. I love how it coats things and makes them white and clean. Sure, it doesn't last long and it often turns to ice, but that is a small price to pay for the beauty that it brings. I coats the city, the woods, the trees, the sidewalk with a white blanket.

I love walking in the snow. There is an odd muting effect, a quietness, that comes with a snowfall. I love that, too.

I love how snow and winter makes me want to snuggle. To wear thick sweatshirts, sweatpants and sweaters. I love wearing thick wool socks and drinking hot tea, coffee or other beverages. I love snuggling under a blanket, binge-watching TV shows, writing, looking out the window and watching the snow. I love how it makes Christmas lights look even more beautiful.

It appeals to me. Indoors is the place to be and I love it.

So, I welcome the snow. Of course, I also live in a place where the housing association takes care of the shoveling. I mean, plan ahead, people. Live in the right places and winter can be a breeze. ;-)

How's the weather by you? Me, I'm under a blanket, next to my wife, writing and watching the beauty out the window. Enjoy!


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