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Rotate the Earth: Book Two: The Starting Line - OUT TODAY!

Those of you who have been breathlessly awaiting the second novel in the Rotate the Earth Series - well, good news. Today is the day! The Race really starts in this novel and the first 100 pages are some of the most intense and violent action I have ever written. This epic story continues in truly epic fashion and it's available in print & Kindle editions. Click on the cover below to get your copy in whichever format you prefer.


Blood. Death. Destruction. It's the greatest sporting event in the world! The Race is on! In the first novel we met our Drivers, people who have signed up to race across the wasted, blasted, lands that were once the United States, but are now known as The Wastelands. At the end of The Race is wealth, fame and power. It's the only way for some to achieve those things. However, it is also deadly dangerous. Dozens and dozens start the Race, but only a few will even survive the Parting Point at the start. Death and destruction will result. Plus, even if they make it past the Parting Point, the horrors that exist in the Wastelands may destroy them just as easily. Pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat action, Rotate the Earth: Book Two: The Starting Line will lead you across a place familiar, yet terrifying. Who will make it out alive? Who will be driven mad? Who will win - The Race?

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