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All 10 episodes of Ovule are out!

I wanted to try something different, so this year I finally did what I had always dreamed. I always wanted to be a guy who wrote for radio. Yeah, I have had dreams since I was a kid of somehow living in the 30s and 40s when radio was king and writing episodes of The Shadow and stuff like that. With podcasting that became a reality this year.

I wrote and produced a 10 episode horror sci-fi tale called Ovule. It tells the story of a scientist sent by the government to explore a number of reports of meteors which fell from the skies. After the meteors, strange flowers bloomed out of the control near the crash sites. Anyone who got close to the flowers quickly took ill. Then, the horror begins. The Earth has been invaded.

It was a great experience creating this podcast. I did it a bit on the cheap with low production value, but the overall response has been great. I appreciate everyone who listened, but if you were waiting the full story to be told - now is the time.

Whatever your favorite podcast platform is, you can find all 10 episodes of Ovule. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and more.

To find all the links you just need to click HERE. Be sure to listen to the ads at the start of the episodes to help me out there, too! Like, share and review.

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