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New True Crime Story for Kindle

True crime is a genre I have loved to read for a long time. I stumbled across a dog-eared copy of Helter Skelter and was captivated. I have written collection of true crime stories for various publishers, but also published a few true crime books about specific incidents.

I returned to my love of true crime today with the publication of Hope: The Story of the St. Louis Jane Doe, which is available exclusively for Kindle.

This is a case which has haunted me since I read about it in the 90s. It is a shorter tale than some of the books I have written, so the price is lower.


It's one of the most baffling murder cases in St. Louis history. In February 1983, a headless body was discovered in the basement of an abandoned apartment building. It was one of the most horrific and brutal murders police detectives had ever seen. However, since the victim was a child, the police thought they would have an identity and find the murderer quickly.

They never did.

Author, and true crime fan, Bryan Alaspa, returns to this non-fiction genre for the first time in years to look at this case. In HOPE, he looks at the suspects, the detectives, the murder scene and presents the information available. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is the story which will inspire someone else to finally provide the evidence which will crack the case.

This is the story of a missing girl. A girl who has since been given the name HOPE.

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