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  • Bryan W. Alaspa

When Your Own Writing Disturbs You

It doesn't happen often. Usually when I start writing, I have at least some idea where the story is going to go. Although I believe that the characters in my head come and tell me their tales and sometimes that leads to things that even surprise me as the writer, the fact is I do have some idea of where the road is headed. I have some idea that there might be a scary thing coming up and sometimes that has freaked me out a little - but it is rare that the idea I have in my brain for a story is so out there and about a subject so disturbing that it gives me pause.

I never know here the inspiration or what is going to sink its hooks into my brain. Right now, I am working on my third Deklan Falls detective novel and things are flowing nicely. However, like always, as soon as I start a project, my brain immediately coughs up about sixteen other story ideas. It's like tapping into that portal into whatever dimension my stories come from opens up a big hole and all kinds of things can come pouring through.

Right now, there is one story that keeps coming to the forefront. I can't give away any plot details, but I can tell that this is a story that frightens me. It is one about a subject so disturbing that I worry even my own wife, who almost always gets final edit on my work, would not want to read it.

However, it's always there. When I go for my walks during the day, my brain is mulling over the plot, trying to work out the details. When I have a moment to ponder about things, this is the story that jumps in front like an annoying child who will not leave you alone about buying some candy.

Will I write it? I think I have to. I think this will be my first real pure horror novel since RIG or Vicious. I think this one will really mess people up. I know, because it messes me up thinking about it.

This is the life of a writer who writes about the things I do. Sometimes the demons that come through the portal are scarier than others. Sometimes the only way to get rid of them is to take the time to listen to them and write down what they want to tell you. Then you hope that you do it in an entertaining enough way that people like it and will let that demon exist without you

Anyway, I'll let you know more as things develop. In the meantime, I have great things coming out this year yet and something special planned for April that will require YOUR help in making great things happen more than ever.

Stay tuned and I'll be back soon.


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